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Minds UI - Beta

The MindsApplied Neural User Interface facilitates an all new experience for brain-computer interaction. See our demo here, download, and review below.

UI Snapshot.png

Game Engine Equipped

Minds UI is built in Unity to take advantage of the latest advancements in User Experience and for seamless integration with video games and extended reality, an industry which is quickly setting itself up to be the gateway for commercial brain-computer interfacing.

Real-Time Prediction

Use Cognitrol (patent pending) to steer a virtual jet plane using just neural activity. Try Cognichat (patent pending) to communicate with any mobile device using live thought predictions in Q&A format. Use Neurovision to artistically render cognitive activity. This technology can be applied towards an abundance of real-world applications. Interested in integrating these technologies? Get in contact!

JM Cognichat Demo
Cognichat example message_edited.jpg
Cognitrol 2.0.jpg
Minds UI Configuration Page

Device Agnostic

The Minds UI is equipped to easily connect to most commercially available neural recording devices. Don't see your headset? Send us a message and we'll try to include it!


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