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Neuroscience as a Service

Predictive neural technology for the future of communication and control

Proven research pushed by advanced software

Bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence which focuses on signal filtering, cross analyzation, and data augmentation to overcome the barriers faced by average researchers of telepathic technology

Artificial Intelligence 

State-of-the-art data analysis for optimized performance and high accuracy prediction

Intake Calibration

Thought intake applications accommodatable to any neuroscientific training needs 

Personalized Data

Calibration programs that take in data from each user with any BCI for tailored training

Online Classification

Real-time prediction of thoughts with an output that improves self-referentially

Neuroscience by the Numbers


Capital raised by Neurotech Industry


Smart phone users available for alternative communication


Funding for military and defense that can be allocated to covert communication or other...


People last year who experienced a vocal impediment and will benefit from non-verbal communication


In the neuroprosthesis market which could use our software with their hardware

Endless Applications 



Our main application, Cognichat, combines Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques, like a chatbot, to give users the ability to communicate hands free with virtually any mobile device from their Brain-Computer Interface. Covert communication, instant translation, and even internet research are all capabilities.


Left & Right, On & Off - Simple sentences with high accuracy ensure telekinetic efficacy as is needed in directional desires or environmental interaction. Prosthetics, Cars, Internet of Things - all made easy through NAAS

Mental Health

An inability to effectively communicate with others is the hallmark of many mental illnesses. With Neuroscience as a Service (NAAS) , we aim to resolve this problem by giving a voice to the voiceless and the means to regain control over their environment. Whether it's vocal impairments, cognitive or psychoanalytical deviations, if you're interested in testing our work with your lab or patient contact us!

Extended Reality

One primary entry point entry point towards commercializing predictive neural technology is with hardware already revolving around the head. Facebook and Snapchat have invested heavily into sunglasses that can record content, and hold expectations for integration of augmented reality. Though functioning similarly to a non-invasive EEG , Galea has taken this a step further, as it is capable of supporting electrodes and virtual reality. For your seamless integration, we build our applications using Unity Experimental Framework. With such a frontier, predictive technology won't just be a feature but a necessity!


The purest art  straight from your mind. Real-time volatile and vivid visualizations of neural activity. Try SettingSun, SeaBreeze, Matrix and more to bring to life the exquisite inner workings of your psyche. With any headset and our MUI, you can view emotions, memories and more. We'll be your mind's eye.

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